Refund Policy


We are focusing to provide well services with complete transparency. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are making all efforts for customer satisfaction. In case if you are not satisfied with our services, you have right to ask for refund of money subject to certain conditions.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Before processing any refund, we reserve the right to make best effort to complete the service irrespective of its time frame. In such cases Dynivo Service OPC Private Limited has right to decide about the refund process. The costing which is incurred for the process of transaction plus some additional costing for the man power consumed as decided by us shall be liable to deduct from the whole amount.

Dynivo Service OPC Private Limited will not be considered if there is a breach of its satisfaction guarantee policy or default under any terms of service, and shall not be liable to the Client for any cessation, interruption, or delay in the performance of its obligations by reason of earthquake, flood, fire, storm, lightning, drought, landslide, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado, natural disaster, act of God or the public enemy, epidemic, famine or plague, action of a court or public authority, change in law, explosion, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labour strike, lockout, boycott or similar event beyond our reasonable control, whether foreseen or unforeseen (each a “Force Majeure Event”).

For making request of refund you shall liable to raise your concern at by mentioning all relevant proof causing delay or cancellation of processing or service.

We are not liable to make any kind of refund for services processed under which we have put our energy, manpower, processing charges, maintenance costing, resources and all others.

The Refund shall be only considered in the event there is a clear, visible deficiency with the service or product purchased from
Dynivo service In the event a customer has paid for a service and then requests for a refund only because there was a change in mind, the refund shall not be considered as there is no fault, defect, or onus on Dynivo Service

For Service fees with a term between 2 months and 5 months, allow a customer to cancel service and receive a 70% refund within 15 days of payment